creating posters and using images (QLD)

The postgrad science communication students at UQ have asked me to pass this invitation on to you all:

‘SCIENCE BEYOND TEXT’ Science communication: Creating posters and using images

Ever wanted to create better posters for assessment or conferences? Ever created or come across a fantastic science image and wanted to get it out there?

Come along to this free workshop session and learn tricks of the trade for successful communication through the use of images and visual design!

Where: Science Learning Centre, University of Queensland When: 5pm, 2nd of June

More info on Facebook! Just search “science beyond text”.

This workshop is being presented by postgraduate science communication students as part of their ‘Presenting Science’ course. _______________________________________________ ASC-list mailing list

One thought on “creating posters and using images (QLD)

  1. Hi Sarah

    This sounds like it would be a very useful thing to go to, but I¹m stuck in far-away Melbourne so I won¹t be able to come.

    If you or one of your students were planning to write a summary or a ³top 10 list of poster making suggestions² then I (and I think a lot of ASC members) would find it valuable, especially those of us like me who work with PhD students in academic departments where the students have very little experience in making posters. Maybe something in the style of – but shorter?

    Perhaps you could even arrange for it to be put on to the ASC website so that it was easily find-able?

    Anyway, hope the session goes well.


    Mick Moylan.

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