Podcast from ASCSA event on evaluation

Hi ASCers,

While I’ve tried posting this to the ASC site I can’t see it there yet. I think I’m still trying to figure out how this list and the website work together. I know you can search mailing list posts on the ASC site, but they don’t get categorised like we’d want them to (eg all appears in ‘mailing list’ caterogy, but none of our posts appear under the ‘SA’ category). Am I supposed to submit events via this email list or on the ASC site? Do I have to do both? Advice appreciated.

The point of this email:

On Monday 19 July ASC SA branch held an event at the Science Exchange on evaluating science communication activities.

A podcast of the evening is now available at http://www.riaus.org.au/science/whats_on/past_events/audio_recordings.jsp

Along with some references on evaluation:

RCUK: http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/per/bestprac.htm Beacons for public engagement: http://www.publicengagement.ac.uk/sites/default/files/EvaluatingPublicEngagement.pdf National STEM Centre: http://www.nationalstemcentre.org.uk/res/documents/page/STEM_Does_it_work_revised_Oct_09.pdf Best wishes


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  1. Lisa, Soon we hope to have the mailing list and site co-existing in perfect integrated harmony. But for the moment they lead parallel lives.As a band-aid stop gap measure I have the mailing list feeding into the website and categorised with the catch all category “mailinglist”.

    Assigning more targeted categories requires a person. Similarly once a article is submitted to the site it requires approval by a person.

    Each state should have two editors that can make those sort of changes (categorising or publishing) for you (and if not state reps should get in touch with me ASAP).

    I’ve now published your article. And I’ll ring you now to follow up.

    Thanks for the podcast South Australia! Regards, James Hutson ASC Webmaster

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