Naomi Oreskes event livestreamed from RiAus Thursday 18/11/10

As you may be aware, Naomi Oreskes is currently touring nationally talking about her book Merchants of Doubt. We are planning to livestream this event on Thursday evening (6pm start time SA time) if any ASC members are interested in tuning in.

To watch:

You would be hard-pressed to find any working climate scientist who didn’t think global warming is happening, and has been for some time. But ever since researchers first began examining the evidence that our planet was heating up-and that human activities were probably to blame-people have been questioning the data, doubting the evidence, and attacking the scientists who collect and explain it.

Join science historian Naomi Oreskes as she gives a US perspective on what – or rather who – is to blame for this conundrum. How a cadre of ideologues have clouded the public interpretation of scientific facts to advance a political and economic agenda, effectively campaigning to mislead the public and deny well-established scientific knowledge over four decades across a range of issues: denying the link between smoking and lung cancer, CFC’s and the ozone hole or coal smoke and acid rain, skewing the public understanding of some of the most critical issues of our era.

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