Announcing members of ASC 2012 National Conference Planning Committee

I am pleased to announce the names of the twelve members who will comprise the ASC 2012 national conference planning committee.

Below is the list of committee members with the briefest of mentions about each person. The comment ‘New member’ basically means an early career person with energy to offer and a willingness to gain experience.

We will soon appoint a member to serve as the conference chair for the entire committee. The position will require someone with experience and a bit of time. I will recommend to the National Council to co-opt the conference chair to the ASC Executive and National Council to ensure regular updates on the progress of the committee.

The committee is responsible for or will advise the Executive in the appointment of a Professional Conference Organiser; selecting the date, city and venue for the next conference; develop the program; and look after other conference related tasks.

Committee meetings will be held by Skype teleconference as much as possible.

The first group Skype teleconference will be in January.

ASC members will be kept informed of significant progress. I hope we all will contribute ideas and support for the conference development process ahead.

Names grouped by state or territory

Name Branch Special mentions
Lisa Bailey SA RiAus – Senior Programs Co-ordinator
Amanda Tyndall SA RiAus – Head of Programs
Ann Pocock SA New member
Toss Gascoigne ACT ASC Past president, President PCST Network
Rod Lamberts ACT Organised research presentations for 2010 conference
Laurence Goux NSW Uni researcher
Stuart Lewis NSW Experienced with fundraising, logistics, outreach programs
Anneliese Gillard VIC New member
Ian Muchamore VIC Very experienced in event management
Paula Taylor VIC Newly rejoined member
Nancy Longnecker WA Coordinator, Sci-comm faculty UWA
Phillip Arena WA Active with WA ASC activities

Jesse Shore
National President

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About Jesse Shore

Jesse Shore is passionate about engaging the community with science and in looking for ways to weave together the arts and sciences. He has been developing science based exhibitions and events since 1984, and was President of the Australian Science Communicators from 2010-2012. His business, Prismatic Sciences, produced five travelling exhibitions for the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for the 2011 International Year of Chemistry and he manages the ongoing national tour. He previously worked at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney as an exhibition project leader and Senior Curator of sciences. While at the museum he was one of the founders of the Ultimo Science Festival, a major National Science Week activity. He is currently collaborating with an artist to create artworks which have a science slant.

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