Where Worlds Collide

Thanks to Kiran Shettigara from The Science Exchange, RiAus for providing this information:

Where Worlds Collide- Saturday 20 August 2011

Event review by Freya Dougan-Whaite

RiAus teamed up with Adelaide’s Friendly Street Poets to share a selection of poetry informed by scientific concepts and inspired by the wonders of science in everyday life. The event, aptly named Where Worlds Collide, is part of the Great Big Science Read which occurs annually during National Science Week. The aim was to reach a new audience by exploring the juncture where arts and science meet. Winners of the RiAus Sci-Ku competition (science Haiku) were also announced, and entrants from New South Wales and the Northern Territory were excited to be flown into Adelaide for the ceremony.

The speakers varied in age and gender, and the event was entertaining and fast-paced. Chemistry and Physics, became metaphor for human emotion and lifelong relationships with the beauty of nature were shared.

The public were invited to be involved through an open-mic session in the week before the event, where anyone could share three minutes of their poetry. Several talented speakers from the open-mic were booked to reappear for Where Worlds Collide.

The combination of professional poets/writers, competition winners and open-mic talent, contributed to an event that truly engaged an audience that may not otherwise attend a science event.

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