Climate Change and Health Impacts

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In March 2012 ASC Victoria and the Australasian Medical Writers Association held a dinner conversation with leading researchers and communicators.

Discussion Panel:

Facilitation –  Ian Muchamore, ASC Victoria President
Podcast Production – Dr Andi Horvarth


One of the greatest challenges surrounding the climate change debate is how to effectively communicate its impact to policy makers and the wider community. Are the messages getting to the right people and being communicated in the best way? Despite exhaustive debate of climate change science using environmental, economic, moral and social frameworks, Australian community consensus on appropriate responses to climate change can sometimes seem more distant than ever. A recent approach has been to reframe climate change consequences as major public health issues. Some communities may more readily engage with this approach but are there also disadvantages?

Key Issues:

  • Could a communications focus on health consequences of climate change break through the current polarised positions?
  • What are the predicted health consequences of climate change and how is this scientific understanding developing?
  • What mitigation and adaptation approaches need to be developed?
  • How can we responsibly communicate future health consequences when outcomes depend upon multiple environmental, biological and social systems?

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