#ASC14 Are we asking the wrong question of the ‘disengaged’?

An early morning Conversation article from ASC President Joan Leach and University of Queensland Research Fellow Fabien Medvecky is giving us something to think about as we embark on the Australian Science Communicators National Conference in Brisbane.

Despite our best efforts to engage the public with the message of science and technology, statistics show that the number of public who are staunchly stuck in the ‘disengaged’ camp is simply not changing.

Does this mean we are not doing a good job, or does it mean we are not asking the right question? Is there such a thing as the truly disengaged, or rather, do we have clusters of people with specific interests and concerns but that do not identify themselves in having an interest in science in general.

Joan and Fabien have put together some thought provoking suggestions on this enigmatic group of people we have previously called the disengaged. Read the article here and catch Joan at the ASC National Conference!

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