Science Book a Day Celebrates 1000 Books

SBAD-1000 books

On the 26th of February, my blog, Science Book a Day ( celebrated featuring 1000 books since it started on June 1, 2013. SBAD was a project I started with the objective of engaging more people in popular science books. I thought that I would feature a book each day, linking to reviews, videos and the author/illustrator/editor of the book.

On the 11th of March, I celebrated this achievement with an ASC Victoria event at Embiggen Books in Melbourne’s CBD. A small group turned up and we feasted on sushi and champagne and I got the opportunity to share some of the adventures I’ve been on with my little blog and the realities of attracting attention to a science blog and maintaining an audience.


  • Getting re-tweeted by Oliver Sacks
  • Interviewing Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Carl Zimmer
  • Doing interviews and media, and writing about my little blog
  • Getting sponsored by Bloomsbury Sigma (who provide free science books for our monthly giveaways)
  • Featuring a review by science writer, Dorion Sagan (Carl Sagan’s son)

SBAD-1000 books-2

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Dr George Aranda is a former psychology researcher who has moved from the world of neuroscience to pursue a career in science education research and science communication. Now researching and teaching at Deakin University, he has broad interests in writing, social networking modes of communication, podcasting, science communication videos and understanding how scientists and their work are perceived in the world.

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