Official notice of 2019 Australian Science Communicators AGM (26 Nov 2019, Canberra)

This is the official notice of the Australian Science Communicators’ Annual General Meeting, to be held in Canberra on 26 November 2019

The 2019 AGM is an opportunity for members to hear about the year’s events at the national level, and also to have their say about what should happen in the year to come. It also includes reports from the President and Treasurer.

When: Tuesday 26 November, 17.30 AEDT

Where: Board Room, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), 143 Ward Road, ACTON, Canberra

There will be the chance to join the AGM in person in Canberra or via teleconference (using ‘Zoom’), details of which will be circulated to all RSVPs in advance of the meeting.


Only financial ASC members are eligible to attend the AGM. Please check you have renewed your membership

Executive Council Positions

The current ASC President Lisa Bailey will be remaining in the President’s role.

The current ASC Secretary Teresa Belcher will be stepping down after three years in the role.

If you are interested in joining the Executive Council (as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President x 2), then please contact the National Secretary. If more than one person is interested in a particular position, then an election will take place.

Reps on the National Council

Branches are required to nominate and endorse a National Representative to join the National Council at their Branch AGM. If this has happened, please notified the National Secretary.

Agenda items and notices of motions

Proposed agenda items, notices of motion must be received by 5.30pm (AEDT) Tuesday 19 November 2019 and can be sent to Teresa Belcher, National Secretary ( Note that notices of motion require a proposer and a seconder.

Constitutional Amendment Notice

Reason for proposed amendments:

We propose to reduce required number of meetings of both the National Executive and National Council from six (6) to four (4) as it is has proved difficult to gather group members (spread across three time zones) together for six meetings per year.

Motion to change the Constitution

Proposed new wording:

22 Committee meetings and quorum
(1) The committee must meet not less than six four times a year at the place and time and in a manner that the committee may decide.


Members unable to attend the AGM in person can provide an online proxy (new for 2019). This will allow members to nominate another current ASC member attending the meeting to hold their proxy, or alternatively the National Secretary (Teresa Belcher). Instructions for nominating proxies will be circulated prior to the AGM along with the final notification of official business. Please note, organisations that have a membership may nominate only one (1) representative to vote.

The following items are current as of 27 October 2019:

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