Volunteer opportunity at PNG Institute for Medical Research

An opportunity has been shared with the network for those looking for a 9-month overseas volunteer opportunity (paid stipend). More details have been provided by Ann Larson below. Reach out to her directly if you want to find out more.

The Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research is over 50 years old. Right now it has strong and stable national leadership, a large and growing cohort of Papua New Guinean scientists returning with PhDs conducting groundbreaking research in HIV/AIDS, malaria, lymphatic filariasis, pneumonia and more.

The institute has a small Facebook presence, a basic website, a good internal e-newsletter and a big strategic commitment to improving our communication with the PNG government and communities (with whom we have excellent relations), our extensive number of international research funders and partners and relevant research communities.

We want to build up our own capacity in science communication and to do that we need help. We are recruiting for an Australian volunteer to support us through an established volunteer program funded by Australia’s aid program for up to nine months. The program pays a living stipend, travel, accommodation, etc. The person is based at our headquarters in Goroka, which is a lovely highlands town with good weather and outstanding fruit and vegetables among other charms and have the opportunity to get firsthand experience in a developing country, work with local and international scientists, build an extensive portfolio and contribute to improving health in Papua New Guinea and globally.

More information about PNGIMR is available on our websiteand YouTube channel

More information about the assignment, including a description of the assignment and application process, can be found at https://www.australianvolunteers.com/assignments/science-communication-specialist-in-papua-new-guinea/

Contact me at ann.larson at pngimr.org.pg with specific questions about the assignment.

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