An important note from co-president, Jirana Craven

Dear ASC Members,

I am reaching out to share some personal news with implications for the ASC.

I have recently accepted a new position as Events and Projects Coordinator at the Science Teachers Association of Victoria. I am excited about the role as it combines my passion for science, science communication, and event coordination, and a great opportunity to contribute to the field of science education. 

To accommodate this new professional direction, I have made the difficult decision to end my tenure as Co-President at the Australian Science Communicators, effective immediately.

I am confident in Tom’s capability to continue in the president role on his own, and I respect Tom for undertaking this additional unplanned responsibility. Our discussions have reassured me that, although not what we expected, this decision is the right one for the ASC and me.

Tom and I had envisioned many exciting projects for what was intended as our final year leading the ASC. Tom, supported by Council, will need to reprioritise and some of these initiatives might face delays or require re-evaluation. I encourage anyone with the capacity and interest to step in and support these projects. ASC has a bright future, and your involvement can help maintain its momentum. 

I am deeply grateful for my time as Co-President. The warm welcome we received upon being elected, and the continued support you’ve all shown us has been tremendous – and makes it so much harder to leave. I am immensely proud of the progress Tom and I have achieved together, and the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people has been inspirational. I look forward to cheering on Tom and the committee from the sidelines for the rest of the year. 

I appreciate your understanding and ongoing support during this change.

Kind regards,
Jirana Craven

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