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Qualification in engineering and strategic foresight. Experience in education and public engagement around emerging technologies, especially nanotechnology (see also www.accessnano.org)

Animating NanoGold

A new animation illustrating how gold behaves at the nanoscale has been launched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkYB_pnExNY.

As foreshadowed earlier in the year, the National Enabling Technologies Strategy (NETS-PACE) has been expanding the reach of the national nanotechnology secondary school resource AccessNano http://accessnano.org.

With the help of James Hutson, Bridge8 has added to the collection of resources with an animation explaining the nanoscale and properties of nanogold. This animation links well into the AccessNano Year 11 Gold module, but could also be used in Scale, Properties, or the Health and Medicine NanoGold modules. The start of the animation is also a good general introduction to the nanoscale for broader audiences.

You can view the animation on the AccessNano YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/accessnanoorg , or here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkYB_pnExNY.

please feel free to pass it on to teachers or others who might find it a useful resource. Kristin

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Public engagement thinking on emerging technologies

Hi all,

Recently I submitted a report to the National Enabling Technologies Strategy on European approaches to public engagement around nanotechnologies. The report identified a number of themes about why we struggle we public engagement. I’ve posted the report here and it is available to download and share: http://bridge8.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/public-engagement-reported/

I also spoke at the Sir Mark Oliphant Cleantech conference this morning on why communities should care about emerging technologies, including cleantech. The slides and some notes are also available: http://bridge8.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/why-should-communities-care-about-em erging-technologies/

I’d welcome your comments on either.

Kind regards, Kristin

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A cheat sheet for Inspiring Australia

Hi all,

Last week I attended the Australian Science Communicators meeting at the RiAus in South Australia which looked at the ³Inspiring Australia: A National Strategy for Engaging with the Sciences² report. I took along my cheat sheet – a diagram of how I felt the report fitted together and how the recommendations met desired outcomes. A few people have asked for a copy so I’ve posted the diagram onto our blog – http://bridge8.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/a-cheat-sheet-for-inspiring-australi a/.

Feel free to access it and change it to meet your needs. Let me know if it’s useful.

Regards, Dr Kristin Alford

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Calling early career professionals in clean technologies

Bridge8 and Australian CleanTech are conducting a nationwide search for university graduates, technicians and young professionals working in wind, solar, biofuels as well as other cleantechnology and clean energy applications. We are looking for a range of disciplines and professions. We want to share your stories in trade journals and schools¹ resources to inform skills development and general science communications about this sector. The best submissions showing how your career path is making a difference for the future will be announced in early February.

Please email your questions or your application to info@bridge8.com.au by 31st December 2009. More information about the call, its purpose and what is required is available at www.bridge8.com.au.

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