About Occams_Razor

Dr. Bill Lott is a Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology and teaches across the disciplines of Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Forensics and Medical Technologies. Is is the current Chair of the Popular Science area of the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ).

Call for Conference Papers: Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (POPCAANZ)

POPCAANZ is a new organisation for anyone studying popular culture.  Our members span academics, professionals and enthusiasts.  As the chair of the Popular Science area, I would like to invite ASC members to submit abstracts for our upcoming 2011 conference at the end of June in Auckland, NZ.

The deadline for abstracts is March 1st, but please contact me (b.lott [at] qut.edu.au) if you are interested but need more time. We are also putting together a round table discussion at the conference to debate and define what popular science in Australia and New Zealand actually is. It should be an interesting and lively discussion. For more information about the conference please see our POPCAANZ website.

POPCAANZ also publishes the Australasian Journal of Popular Culture, which offers one of the few opportunities in the world to publish peer-reviewed academic articles focussing on popular science. More information about the AJPC can be found here. I am the Popular Science editor for the AJPC, so if you would like to submit a manuscript, you can either submit it through the POPCAANZ president (t.johnsonwoods [at] qut.edu.au) directly to me (b.lott [at] qut.edu.au) for review.