ASC2024: Support, Connect, Grow

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How to get there and what to expect

Last updated: 8 April 2024

Shared values and established relationships often hold more weight in decision-making and building trust than mere facts or truth. As humans, we inherently seek community. We are drawn to groups that affirm our perspectives, make us feel welcome, and dismiss notions we don’t like. The danger, however, is that we might find ourselves trapped in an echo-chamber, ensnared by confirmation bias.

A pressing challenge for today’s science communicators is leveraging this innate human need for connection to effect positive social good. How can we assist those transitioning away from groups founded on disinformation, ensuring they feel embraced and encouraged when exploring new ideas? And how can we simplify the journey for those open to incorporating science-based evidence into their decisions?

Support, Connect, Grow (June 18-20 2024) presents an opportunity for professionals, researchers and educators from diverse fields to come together. It’s an occasion to delve into the ways quality communication can dismantle barriers, bridge knowledge gaps, and foster evidence-driven decision-making. This gathering not only offers a moment for reflection on the fundamental tenets of quality communication in science and technology but also serves as a hub for strengthening relationships, developing new collaborations, and elevating professional practice.

At the 13th National Conference, the hope is for us to come together to support, connect, and grow our community.

The program will be established in broad overlapping streams, to provide opportunities for everyone to engage with the speakers most relevant to their interest, as well as with others across the sector. The pillars of activity include:

  • communications & public affairs,
  • academic research,
  • outreach & engagement,
  • policy development & advice,
  • education & training, and
  • literature & arts.

We will also take time during the conference to announce exciting future initiatives for the Australian Science Communicators.

Main page | Welcome reception | Gala dinner | Post-event | EMCR day | Program | Talks, panels & workshops | Speakers | Buy tickets

Code of Conduct & COVID-19 policy

We will update an appropriate code of conduct policy closer to the event that acknowledges the risk and appropriate controls available.

The world is still in the midst of a pandemic, with the impact of COVID-19 reaching far into our community. We recognise that in 2022, COVID-19 was the third largest killer in Australia, and that cases are continuing to rise this year.

Our COVID-19 policy is pragmatic considering impact our event policy can have in the context of the national policy and the environment we are all in prior to and after the event. We will continue to monitor the situation, and follow the advice from health officials in WA. Our policy aims to reasonably minimise the risk of transmission.

We especially encourage anyone who is at all concerned that they may be unwell with COVID-19 to refrain from attending the conference. We will do what we can to ensure you retain access to the conference content.

Important Dates

N.B.: Dates are subject to change. Make sure to check back to this page for updates.

  • November 2023
    • 19 Nov: Hatchling tickets on sale
    • 1 Nov: Abstract submissions open
  • February 2024
    • 1 Feb: Hatchling tickets close; early-bird tickets available
  • March 2024
    • 15 Mar 22 Mar: Workshop & panel submission deadline
  • April 2024
    • 1 Apr: Early-bird tickets close; normal tickets available
    • 15 Apr: Talk submission deadline
  • May 2024
    • 26 May: normal tickets close; Cooked bird tickets available. No guarantee of catering or dietary requests for invoices not settled by this date.
  • June 2024
    • 3 Jun: Late talk submission deadline (greater chance of talk rejection)
    • 10 Jun: Digital poster submission deadline
    • 17 Jun: EMCR training day | demo showcase and conference welcome evening
    • 18-20 Jun: Conference sessions, social networking, gala dinner, behind-the-scenes tours

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is open now.

There will be options to present a case study or research talk, facilitate a panel discussion, run a workshop, and share digital posters. We invite you to contact us if you wish to discuss running a workshop, especially for mid- to advanced-career members.

And if you have an idea to run something outside the box, just get in touch and we’ll see if we can fit it in.

Head to the form to enter your abstract and some details. Note that for confirmation of your presentation or session, you must have acquired a conference ticket.

Get in touch at if you have any difficulty with the form.


Conference registrations are now open and tickets are available via the below form. Filling in the form will prompt the team to raise an invoice that will give you the option to pay by credit card or via bank transfer.

Significant discounts are available for ASC members, and will be applied on verification of an active financial membership. All rates include GST.

(until 1 Feb)
(until 1 Apr)
(until 26 May)
(no guarantee of catering)

An additional discount is available for corporate members purchasing more than 3 tickets prior to 1 April. Please contact us to get a personalised invoice.

NB: all submitted talk and workshop presenters will need to have a paid ticket for confirmation of their presentation in the program.

Catering at the venue and for the conference dinner is included in the ticket price, with dietary options available. Should you wish to invite guests to accompany you to the conference dinner or social events, there are additional tickets available for individual purchase ($248 and $48, respectively).

Note that any ticket purchase after 26 May is not guaranteed to have catering available or access to the gala dinner.

Increasing access

If you want to be at the conference, we want you to be there.

We are aware the barriers we each experience range widely. While our resources are limited, our aim is to address those barriers wherever possible. Rather than offer specific grants, there is dedicated budget to increase access, be that for childcare, carer support, or anything we may be able to do to assist. We can’t promise to fix every problem, but we will do what we can to address all barriers presented to us and develop appropriate support, targeted towards individual requirements.

In addition, we are implementing a new travel support standard for all conferences from 2024. The traveller discount is available for members to apply for while booking a ticket by anyone who needs to travel more than 3 hours by air to attend the conference. In 2024, this discount is $150.

Please keep in mind that the organising team is small, and resources accordingly limited. If you identify a barrier that you anticipate may prevent you attending, please let us know as soon as possible. The more time we have, the more likely we’ll be able to develop a solution or support. Reach out via so that we can discuss how we might facilitate your attendance.

How about hybrid?

We appreciate that there will be an interest in online access for the conference. Online tickets were advertised as available until 1 April. Unfortunately, by that time we did not have enough interest in the online-only option to fund the additional technical staff required for delivery, and we are unable to offer a professional online hybrid conference experience.

If you are unable to attend the conference in person and were really hoping for an online option, please get in touch via so that we can discuss how we might be able to help you access some of the sessions online.

(until 1 Feb)
(until 1 Apr)
(until 26 May)
(no guarantee of catering)

Social events and professional development

We’re also putting together a couple of social events.

Note that separate social program add-on tickets are available for family or friends not attending the conference who you would like to invite to come with you. Social program add-ons do not need to be linked to a conference-attending member.

There is a professional development session running as a satellite to the conference, targeted to those with a science background who are entering the field of science communication. More details will be available soon.

About Perth


Located on the west coast of Australia, Perth is Australia’s fourth most populous city.

In June, Perth typically has mild and wet days reaching highs of 20°C and lows of 8°C, on average. With 10 hours of sunlight per day and occasional showers or storms, the sky is often patchy with cloud, leading to stunning sunsets over the Indian Ocean around 5:30pm. Humidity sits around 40-60%, and rainfall is expected, 15 days of the month.

Accommodation and travel

Accommodation discounts

Discounts at hotels and recommendations for areas to find accomodation will be added here soon.


Future conferences for the ASC will have a travelling discount optionally applied to anyone who’s transit requires them to fly more than 3 hours to attend a conference. This discount is available optionally for members to select at checkout to assist with travel. In 2024, this discount is $150.

If you’re traveling by air, you will be landing at Perth Airport, a 20-minute journey by car from the city centre and the conference venue.

Perth Airport is well connected to the Perth CBD via regular public bus and train services. The Airport Central Train Station is on the Airport Line and is 20 minutes from Perth Station in the CBD. The cash fare is $5.10 each way (if you purchase a SmartRider travel card, you will get 10% off the cash fare). Tickets and SmartRiders can be purchased at the airport.

There are also hire car options, an Uber, DiDi and Ola rideshare pickup spot (~$40) and a taxi rank (~$45). Note that there is a $4 Perth Airport fee included in these fares.

As of 14 October, the cost of return airfares from major Australian airports are:

  • Adelaide>Perth: $555 (Qantas/JetStar), $523 (Virgin Australia)
  • Brisbane>Perth: $720 (Qantas/JetStar), $614 (Virgin Australia)
  • Canberra>Perth: $850 (Qantas) cheapest option is to bus to/from Sydney
  • Sydney>Perth: $687 (Qantas/JetStar), $614 (Virgin Australia)
  • Melbourne>Perth: $608 (Qantas/JetStar), $608 (Virgin Australia)

The city

Perth is a relatively flat city so getting about by foot is viable for the CBD but it is also a spread-out city so you may like to consider public transport or hiring a car if your accommodation isn’t close to the venue.

If you’re considering extending your stay, Perth has plenty of surrounding natural beauty to enjoy. Day or overnight trips to the Swan Valley give you access to walking trails, wineries, breweries, restaurants and family attractions. The Darling Ranges, known as the ‘hills’, offers more of the same with some great views. Please note that these destinations will require a car or you can book with a tour operator.

There are several festivals and events in and around Perth in June that may encourage conference attendees to extend their stay. Western Australia Day is celebrated on June 3 for those planning on arriving in Perth two weeks prior to the conference.


Volunteering is a great way to support your community, and we truly value the contribution our volunteers make. We are offering subsidised tickets to volunteers, commensurate with the amount of time donated. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at and the team will be in touch.


Thank you to Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre for their sponsorship.

Thank you also to The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute (WABSI) and The Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (ANU CPAS) for sponsoring our sundowner networking events.

We thank Scitech for their support in running the Conference Welcome, and the local ASC Perth Branch in hosting the Thursday social event. Further thanks to the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre who are supporting the Intro to SciComm day.

You’ll note there’s not a huge number of sponsors here. If you or your organisation has an interest in sponsoring the conference, there will be a range of opportunities. Please send us an email at for a sponsorship prospectus.

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