Mapping Science Engagement in Australia

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There are two interactive ways to view key aspects of the reported activities – bubbles and the map.

The map provides a range of search filters for you to locate where different types of individual activities are delivered or managed. The bubbles allow you to compare pairs of key categories selected from the national survey about science engagement activities.

A quick guide to using the map:

  1. When the map first appears it is Showing all projects. The green circles on the map depict all the projects for which there is postcode location information.
  2. This initial map is scaled to fill most of the map window and doesn’t show all of Australia. Click +/- in the upper left of the map to change its scale. Click and hold on the map to move the map within its window.
  3. Move your cursor over a green circle and click to get a text pop-up listing activities in that postcode.
  4. Click on an individual activity to get a pop-up listing the Project overview, the Issues, needs or priorities the activity addresses, a date range for the activity, and a URL if available. A scroll bar appears on the right side of the pop-up if there is extra information to access.
  5. The sizes of the green circles imply the relative number of activities in a postcode or region. To separate the locations of activities close to one another, move the desired area to the centre of the window and magnify the map.
  6. Clicking on the categories above the map brings down a list of all the possible survey answers for that category. Select a specific answer to have the map show only those activities that entered that answer. The text at the top of the page (just under “View Bubbles|Map”) indicates which answer in a category has been selected.
  7. You can search activities using only one answer filter at a time.

More about the map:

Location of activities: The postcode for an activity usually is the location from which the activity is managed and often where it is also delivered. This is especially so for venue-based activity centres like zoos, science centres, museum and botanic gardens. Less often the postcode shows where an activity is being delivered. Website based programs are considered to be nation-wide and the postcode relates to the organisation which developed and manages the program.

Read more about this project here.

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