The Australian Science Communicators (ASC) supports and represents those who make science accessible.

ASC is a diverse national association, with over 500 members and has been running since 1994.

Benefits of being a member:

ASC supports its members through an established, connected national community. This community engages online and through face-to-face networking and professional learning opportunities.

Being a member of the ASC means you can discuss, socialise and network, contribute, sharpen your skills, publicise your activities and more. Benefits include:

  • meeting, interacting with and learning from other members
  • access to apply for our Annual Grants program
  • access to our developing members-only online community
  • contributing to our website (all members have authorship rights)
  • posting rights on our two e-mail lists (one for discussion, the other for media releases) reaching a database of more than 1100 readers
  • access to our professional networking social media groups (some members-only) such as LinkedIn and Facebook (see the social media links on our home page),
  • receiving our specially edited and collated (member-only) newsletter SCOPE
  • access to local ASC events run by our Branches (which operate in most capital cities) at members’ rates
  • opportunity to work with ASC members on projects or events, either in particular locations, or virtually, for example National Science Week activities
  • opportunity to attend and contribute to national events including the ASC National Conference at members’ rates
  • access to events and professional development run by ASC-associated organisations at discounted rates
  • voting rights at General Meetings.

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Part of a professional body and professional collective

As a member, you join a collective that is recognised and consulted as a key professional body, both within Australia and overseas.

The ASC represents the communication and accessibility of science and:

  • Is a member of the newly-formed Science Sector Group, whose mission is to provide a mechanism for collaboration between non-government organisations to work on science engagement initiatives.
  • Partners in major events and initiatives, for example the Big Science Communication Summit in Sydney, June 2013
  • Contributed to the development of national strategy for engaging Australians with science, this strategy is now known as the Inspiring Australia strategy
  • Supported the Snapshot of science engagement in Australia project created in response to the Inspiring Australia Expert Working Group report: Developing an Evidence Base for Science Engagement. This project completed a final report: National audit of Australian science engagement activities and a series of visualisations in 2012.
  • Provided input to then Minister Kim Carr following his commitment (in 2007/8) to developing charters to encourage open debate on “scientific and other research issues of public interest”.
  • Is linked with science communication and journalism counterparts in other parts of the world, for example the New Zealand Science Communicators, International Network on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST).
  • Recognises and promotes science communicators including through the coveted Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication Award offered every year.

By becoming a member you receive many benefits and have a valuable opportunity to interact with and influence key science communication professionals from around Australia, and, increasingly, the world.

We are an evolving organisation and there are many activities and projects on our task list. If you want to volunteer your services to help us strengthen the organisation, please get in touch at office [at]

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