ASC changed my life…

That’s right! We’ve heard some whispers that the ASC community has changed some people’s lives. This grassroots organisation that started back in 1994… Who’d have thunk it back in that inaugural meeting at the Press Club in Canberra.

As we come up to celebrating 20 years of ASC, we (the Executive) reckon it’s time to hear your stories.

Did you find an amazing job through the ASC-list? Did you meet someone who inspired you to get into science communication or join a science outreach project?

Tell us below! Or tweet us at @ausscicomm

So what have we heard about ASC recently?

“As a sci comm. student with UWA, I found ASC very useful, as it gave me a chance to engage with established professionals and consider future career directions. As an early career professional, being involved with ASC, and particularly volunteering at the branch level, meant that I had the chance to develop skills and build a network of contacts.” (member of 10 years)

“I heard about ASC when I studied Science Communication as a postgrad at UQ. I’ve been a member for almost ten years, about 5 of that on Branch Committees, and have really enjoyed meeting inspirational people and learning from the diverse community to approach issues I tackle at work from different, more effective, angles.” (Member of 9 years)