A shiny new ASC site.

But is it what you want? What you need?

What would you add? What would you take away?

Give us your feedback via the comments field below (and yes, you have to be logged in to comment).

12 thoughts on “It’s ALIVE!

    • Claire, Still seeing how it plays out but yes at this early stage better separation of events from everything else looks like a good plan. So it’s now on the fix it list and I’ll discuss it with the other ASC web workers.

      • I should add that Jesse Shore suggested something similar. And to him I said something along the lines of: A hybrid/compromise solution we had toyed with was pulling out events (and only events) into it’s own column. This is not our preferred solution because the speed and volume of events add some vitality to the site and stops the content list getting too static. In any event we’re seeing how this layout is received and will evolve the site accordingly.

  1. Member pages: this is our first priority (after ironing out initial bugs).
    Usernames: these can’t be changed for programming reasons which is why we suggest the firstnamesurname convention (though you could delete and start over). You can however change your publically visible name to something more to your liking by editing that field in your member profile. Hope that helps.

  2. The new site is good but will be better when links to member’s websites are set up. When will that be, do you think?

    Have spent a fair few minutes trying to discover how to make contact and have figured that this is the only way!

    Also – some of us have used our old Usernames which were email address. If there is a chance to edit this, please let us know!

    Thanks all!

  3. Well done guys for getting this going. It looks busy and lively which is a good change from the last one.

    ASC logo
    I think it’s chopped off at the bottom. That may be intential?

    Photo borders
    Can you remove the automatic blue border around the images?

    I like it.

    I like the ‘jobs’ link.

    Love the short blurb about each member too!

    Join page – can we bold some of the subheaders to break up the text a bit?

    Downside – there seems to be a lot of text everywhere. I’m sure that once content starts going up, it’ll “fill out” a bit more.

  4. I wonder whether we should have a links page. The Scope newsletter used to mention interesting URLs but it may be good to have a list of sites perhaps in various categories. I’d like to recommend for relating jokes, tricks, magic and general smoke and mirrors to science education. He has a great list of toys, links to great science-artand art-illusion sites and a terrific monthly newsletter. The site represents a lighter (and perhaps slightly tangential) side to science communication.

    • We had hoped our delicious bookmarks feed could do the job of highlighting the interesting urls of the week/month — whether or not this will work for members remains to be seen. We’ll trial it for a while and see how it plays. If it doesn’t catch on we would roll links back into the site.

  5. I love the overall look of the site but I suggest the lower part of the home page be divided into columns or other means to organise all the listings by main category, e.g. keeps all the events together. It’s easy then to see which state an event listing is from rather than to scan the front page for all events.

    • We had toyed with this idea but in in the end it came down to practicalities. Categories will be updated at different rate and if place in separate columns we could end up with columns of wildly divergent lengths or ages. We chose to instead stack them all in date order and attach category tags for easy scanning.

      A hybrid/compromise solution be had toyed with was pulling out events (and only events) into it’s own column. This is not our preferred solution (largely for reasons noted above) but again we will see how this layout is received and evolve the site accordingly.

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