Member blog: Sciengage

Sciengage, which can be found on facebook, twitter and the Sciengage website, is the brainchild of ASC member Sam Askin.
Sam took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for the ASC.
What are you aiming to achieve with Sciengage?
The aim of the site is to consolidate the science that is online, from […]

Bilingual French online networking for science communicators

A French/English website for science communication has attracted interest in the UK science community. Continue reading

Come on in and start communicating

Welcome to a brand new phase of Australian Science Communicators, a website which makes use of interactive technology to give every member access to heaps of ASC-related material and the ability to post your own material, and to add to and comment on anything posted by others.
It brings with it, the capacity to establish sections […]