Writing for multicultural audiences–VIC

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Creating health messages for multicultural audiences

When writing about health-related issues for non-English speaking consumers, many people assume that the biggest challenge is translation. It’s not. Content, as always, is king.

What happens if your audience believes that their illness is caused by an imbalance of hot and cold elements in the body? Or if they don’t understand when to visit a doctor or when to go to an emergency ward? Or if they’re not literate in their preferred language?

Learn more in conversation with: Zayne D’Crus, communications officer at the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health

When: Tuesday 7 December 6.30 pm

Where: The Clare Cafe Bar Bistro (formerly known as The Clare Castle Hotel) 421 Rathdowne St, Carlton

Cost: Free for AMWA members, $10 for non-members Drinks and meals at pub prices

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Zayne has worked on several social marketing campaigns on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, problem gambling and child health. He also provides training to government, health and community service employees on writing for cross-cultural communication and social marketing.

For more information visit www.ceh.org.au.

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