National Science Week (SA) Grants

National Science Week (SA) Grants

Thinking of holding an event in National Science Week?

Through the financial support of the Government of South Australia (via DFEEST), we are pleased to offer a number of small grants (upper limit of $2,000) to organisations who might need financial support to run an event in August in Science Week.
Applications close Friday 10 June 2011.


Application Guidelines

National Science Week is Australia’s largest national festival which aims to raise the profile and increase public awareness of the importance of science, technology and innovation in our society.

National Science Week for 2011 will be held from 13 to 21 August.

National Science Week aims to:

encourage informed discussion around science-related issues of public interest
encourage young people to study science
promote science-based careers
inform businesses of the importance of innovation to their long-term success
celebrate the achievements of Australians working in these fields.

As a partnership program between the Commonwealth Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, the ABC, the Australian Science Teachers’ Association and CSIRO, National Science Week demonstrates the significance of a community approach to highlighting the importance of science.


The South Australian Community Grants are open to community groups, organisations, and businesses to help celebrate science.

The grants should assist in bringing science to an increasing number of South Australians.

The South Australian Community Grants have been made available through the Department for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology.


To be eligible to apply for a grant, you must be:

a community group,
a business, or
an industry or industry body.

NOTE: Schools are unable to apply for the South Australian Community Grants, however may apply for small grants through SASTA for school-based projects.

Target Audience

The South Australian Community Grants are primarily for activities and events that involve the general public; however they may also target business and industry.

Favourable consideration will be given to events in regional and remote areas and/or consider marginalised groups, including:

are on low incomes
are living in poverty
have limited access to resources to meet basic and developmental needs
are unemployed or underemployed
lack self-esteem, education, knowledge, life management skills
are members of special needs target groups.


Organising an event during National Science Week has benefits including:

inspiring people to pursue an interest or career in science
extending your professional network and partnership opportunities
encouraging community participation and feedback
attracting new members or audiences
sharing your achievements and your knowledge with the Australian public or the local community

Activities and events must meet at least one of the objectives of National Science Week mentioned above, and could include events such as:

• Science in the Pub
• Hands-On Science Workshops
• Career seminars
• Science Fairs

Event Date
National Science Week will be from 13-21 August 2011.

Preference will be given to events that will be held between these dates.

Events that fall a few days either side of these dates are also eligible.

Funding Available

Eligible organisations may apply for a grant up to $2,000 for a project to be delivered during National Science Week.

Funds may be used for direct project delivery. Examples of funds supported include:
Resources and materials related to the event
Hire of equipment / venue

The funding may not be used for projects of the following nature:
research projects
curriculum development
teacher training
payment of wages or salaries
software development.

It should be noted that infrastructure and support costs associated with ongoing activities, such as general administration and salaries, are the absolute responsibility of the event promoter.

Selection Process

Selection is based solely on the written information provided by the applicant.

A selection committee from the National Science Week (SA) Coordinating Committee will assess all applications and determine which projects are to be partially or fully funded.

In some instances the selection committee may request further information before making their final decision.

The National Science Week (SA) Coordinating Committee receives many more applications than can be funded. It is rare for the Committee to fund all applications. Even if your application is successful, the Committee may offer your organisation a lesser amount to deliver a reduced program if the demand for funds is high.

Grant Applications

Requirements for Grant Application
Each grant application must comprise a fully completed grant application form and be supported by a community organisation.

Applications close Friday 10 June 2011.
Successful applicants will be notified by late June.

Send completed grant applications to:
Ms Rona Sakko
National Science Week (SA) Coordinator


To request electronic copy of application form please email Ms Sakko on the address above.

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