Vic Event – Sublime – Songs of Science, Metaphysics and Ecology

Charlie Marshall and Victorian ASC Member is having a great music/science event in June.

He has kindly offered 4 FREE TICKETS to ASC Members. Please email Vic President at vic_president[at] First 4 members in get the tickets!!

Saturday 6th June
The Spotted Mallard
314 Sydney Road, Brunswick Dinner/Doors 6pm
Presale tickets $15 + bf at

For more information go to :

Melbourne singer, songwriter, science teacher and enthusiast Charlie Marshall presents a unique personal vision, ‘Sublime – Songs of Science, Metaphysics and Ecology’ on Saturday 6th June at The Spotted Mallard.

A musical, visual and spoken word exploration of the extraordinary world of Science and The Sublime. From the breadth of the universe and the eternity of deep time to the infinitesimal world of the atom. From the superorganism of the Gaia Hypothesis to the symbiosis within our cells. From Chaos theory to the challenge of climate change and a new understanding of science and society.

Charlie has always been one of Australia’s most inventive songwriters – first with much loved cult band Harem Scarem alongside brother Chris, Melbourne musical god Chris Wilson and Barry Palmer (Hunters and Collectors), followed by Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric which featured members of such legendary outfits as The Dirty Three, Beasts Of Bourbon and The Avalanches.

Now with his new works which integrate science, philosophy and politics he may have created a new musical genre – poetic, scientific, political rock. For this special event Charlie takes on the role of science communicator in the tradition of his heroes Brian Cox, Carl Sagan and David Attenborough. As well as performing songs with his band The Curious Minds (Clare Moore – Drums, Bryan Colechin – Bass, Tim Deane – Keyboards and Troy Rogan – Cello) he will elucidate the concepts behind the songs and inspire the audience with his passion for science.

Digital artists Thomas Ingram and Maize Wallin will connect the live performance to interactive music visualisers to produce graphics based on the themes of the songs. Each instrument, playing a larger part in the organic machine that is science will control parts of iconic scientific concepts. The guitarist creates rain in a biome, while the bass player carves mountains. Particles are thrown into the Hadron Collider at each drum beat. The band as a whole will bestow life and movement to the programmed visuals.

Accompanying Charlie and crew on this sublime journey will be acclaimed Melbourne poet Sean M. Whelan reading some of his mesmerising, science themed pieces, physicist and 3CR science presenter Chris Lassig providing expert input and physical demonstrations and a special guest appearance by brother Chris Mar- shall. A full colour 20 page Progam booklet with song lyrics, poetic science concepts and images will be on sale on the night. Entry includes a free download of the new single ‘Curious Minds’

Be sure to catch Charlie Marshall as he performs this very rare and intimate performance of ‘Sublime – songs of Science, Metaphysics and Ecology’ on Saturday 6th June at The Spotted Mallard.

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