President’s Update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the update.

Looking Forward…

Exciting news in the science communication world—the World Science Festival is coming to the Queensland Museum in Brisbane next year in March. The timing is very good to plan the 2016 ASC conference in tandem with this event and we’re looking into that now. In other news, ASC member Andrew Stephenson has been touring The Science Nation: The Storytelling of Science. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon at the Qld State Library telling stories and listening to others with an audience of over 100 people of all ages. ASC members have also been acting as judges and EMCEEs for the British Council’s FameLab program. It’s inspiring to see young scientists get the science communication message—and in some cases, come to the realisation that it’s all more difficult than it looks!

But, getting out of Queensland is on the calendar. I’m looking forward to a June 4 ASC NSW meeting in Sydney to host the “Unsung Hero of Science Communication” award night and check in with NSW ASC members. Check out Facebook and the list for more details which will be forthcoming. If you’re in or near Sydney, put a ‘save the date’ in your diary.

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