Congratulations to the 2017 ASC Unsung Hero of Science Communication!

The 2017 Unsung Hero of Science Communication is….

Kylie Andrews
Kylie Andrews is the hidden, unstoppable driving force behind the major citizen science projects that have enthused the Australian public during National Science Week, every year since 2009, with great success but very little public recognition.

Kylie works in the science unit formerly known as ABC Science, now a part of ABC Radio National, in a role that specifically focuses on citizen science projects (and is supported by Inspiring Australia and National Science Week). She has worked full time creating these citizen science projects for many years, delivering initiatives that both engage a wide audience and facilitate genuine scientific progress. As the sole driver of these projects, year after year, she has become a leader in citizen science – an expert in every aspect of these projects, from concept, to design, to implementation, to marketing and audience engagement.

Judges comments:
“Kylie is a world leader in citizen science, from selecting intriguing projects to building and promoting them. Thanks to her work, hundreds of thousands of particpants have contributed to science by creating millions of data points to advance real scientific projects.”

“Kylie has achieved an enormous amount in enabling large numbers of the public to actively engage with science in participatory citizen science events. Without her the growth if citizen science in Australia would be notably less.”

The selection panel would also like to make special mention and offer a highly commended mention to

Rod Taylor
Rod has produced and presented countless shows of The Fuzzy Logic Science Show, a staple of Canberra’s community radio airwaves and one of Australia’s longest running science shows. Broadcasting every Sunday on 2XX FM community radio, this show is a stepping stone for many scientists and science communicators and this is due to the voluntary work of Rod Taylor.

While working in the media might come with a byline, this is not the sort of attention Rod craves. Rod continues in his work to help broaden the reach of science communication, engaging scientists with the public and science communicators with the world of media.
When Rod works with people – scientists or science communicators, students or professors -it’s always to push them further and help them achieve their goals. Community radio might be considered a small reach, but Rod ensures that Fuzzy Logic packs a big punch.

Judges comments:
“Rod is a passionate volunteer producing professional level material over a sustained period.”

“Rod is a living legend for the years of work he has put in – voluntarily – in promoting science through Fuzzy Logic and his other initiatives. He has been particularly influential in assisting others to expand their communication skills. Onya Rod!”

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