ASC President’s update November 2019

President’s Update

25 years old!

The quarter-century milestone has prompted a time not just for reflection on the past, but consideration to the future challenges science communication faces in Australia.  I’ve had many interesting discussions in the last couple of months about the impacts of media fragmentation, how to engage audiences around new and emerging technologies, or what even the role of science communication is when it comes to averting environmental catastrophe.  Over 25 years there have been many ASC presidents, and I’ve reached out to collect some of the thoughts, hopes and fears of our illustrious alumni in response to the question

What are the biggest science communication challenges Australia faces right now and over the next decade?

Over the next couple of months, these will be published as a series on the ASC website, you can read the first in the series from our most recent past president, Craig Cormick, by pressing here.


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Astha Singh ASC NSW President Scope Interview


Astha Singh – ASC October SCOPE interview


  • Why did you choose to study science?

The decision to study an undergraduate degree in science for me was led by interest and curiosity. I have been genuinely curious about scientific concepts, new technology, discovery and innovation. One of the most important factors for us to choose in our field of study is the impact of family, friends and peers. This was the case with me too, my family influenced this decision to pursue studying science and navigating careers in this industry. 


  • Looking back now, what has been the best part of your career in SciComm?

Generally speaking, I really enjoy meeting and speaking to talented and bright minds in STEMM. The experience of learning about their work is rewarding and inspiring. The finest experience in my Scicomm, science outreach and marketing journey so far has been the FameLab program by British Council, Australia. It was fascinating to work with the top scientists from all over Australia, learn about their research and be part of their coaching and mentoring through the program.  

The other aspect of my career that I enjoy the most is bringing people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds together. I believe that reassuring Diversity and providing opportunities to people from all communities, colours, languages and backgrounds is the key to tapping into the bright minds and talents that exist amongst us. 


  • Where has your career led you?

My career path has had a navigated journey so far. I manoeuvred my profession from academic science and research into the communications, marketing and media space of the STEMM industry. Currently, I work in the startup Centre of the University of Wollongong’s Innovation and Commercial Research called ‘iAccelerate’. At iAccelerate, I work with CEO’s and teams in over 60 diverse startups that have spun out from research initiatives, startup ideas and business plans that the local, regional and internationally based founders have come up with in recent times. I enjoy assisting people with technical and business acumen that have huge potentials to make impact, in turn generate opportunities for themselves, for the region and create employment. 

I also work towards multicultural initiatives and Diversity in STEMM advocacy as I’m passionate about this space. 


  • What excites you most about your work?

Promoting the wealth of talent that Australia holds in the STEMM industry and being part of the greater impact is what excites me the most. I love creating marketing campaigns, external media opportunities, public relations avenues for technology, ideas and people that are committed to creating impact. 


  • What advice do you have for anyone considering a career in SciComm?

Do not be afraid of failure: it is but a stepping stone to success. Wear it like a badge of honour. Things didn’t always go my way during those PhD years, but I am not the first research scholar to say that! And even after, as I decided to manoeuvre my career into something different, all I got initially was a series of knockbacks. Those moments though, became a foundation for resilience and endurance, and motivated me to soldier on with the career pathway of my choice.

Never stop learning. I have taken this desire to learn, and the courage to ask questions, beyond the walls of university, constantly challenging myself with new opportunities and ideas. I don’t need to tell you that it is the simple desire to discover, that fuels science. For myself, I hope to maintain a childlike curiosity even as I grow into my sunset years!

There is no bias in this world. We make our own prejudices. As an international student, I came to realise early on that it is our attitude and response to circumstances that ensure how connected we become in a new place with new people. I strongly believe that diversity and inclusion open doors to empowerment and future leadership, for everyone. You will all have different circumstances but no matter what they are, Australia has and will continue to provide equal opportunities and a great start-line for a promising future – so give it all you’ve got!

Twitter- @asthasingh —— LinkedIn-

ASC President’s update October 2019

President’s update

Sci-com research presented at ASC2020 will be published with the Journal of Science Communication.
The research program committee have negotiated with the Journal of Science Communication, JCOM, to publish a set of commentaries from the ASC2020 conference.  Example of a commentary based around a conference can be found here.  A selection of papers for inclusion by commentary will be co-ordinated by the research program committee (noting that not all submissions will be selected).

This is an excellent opportunity for outcomes of the conference to be published in an academic journal.  We will now extend the deadline for submissions of research papers to Thursday 10 October to allow anyone who was unsure whether they should submit, to definitely submit by pressing here.

Thanks to all those who have submitted their proposals so far, we are looking forward to reviewing these as we finalise the program over the coming month.

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Toss Gascoigne ASC Scope Interview


Toss Gascoigne shares us his SciComm Journey


How did you get into SciComm?

So I came into science communication not as a person with science qualifications, but as a former English teacher and freelance journalist, and joined CSIRO’s Centre for Environmental Mechanics.  It’s a fabulous building, lifts the spirits as you walk through the door.  My colleagues at other CSIRO divisions came with all sorts of qualifications and experiences: librarians, public relations, journalism, teaching, scientists looking for an alternative career.  Most of them had at least some science but my highest qualification was high school physics.  But I did bring a couple of books of press clippings, articles published in newspapers, and that seemed to intrigue the panel.  So I was appointed as an editor, a manifestly inadequate replacement for Will Steffan who went off to Sweden to do things in climate change.



Getting media coverage for CSIRO work, like the ‘Clever Clover’ story that ended up selling 12,000 home kits to gardeners, and the launch of the Coastal Zone program where we had 6 TV camera crews on the banks of the Cooks River at Sydney Airport.  Media was fun, and I ended up training thousand of scientists in how to work with journalists in media skills workshops Jenni Metcalfe and I devised.  Going to my first international conference, PCST; and helping begin Australian Science Communicators, both in 1994 (25th anniversary this year!).


Where has your career led you?

Science communication took me from CSIRO to a more political role, as Director of the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies (now STA). FASTS was founded after Barry Jones accused scientists of being ‘wimps’ because they didn’t give him the political support he needed to get adequate funding for science, but the organisation had been without a director for 18 months and was struggling.  So that was developing policy, talking to politicians and bureaucrats and eventually organising the event that saved FASTS: Science meets Parliament.  SmP has been picked up across Europe and in Canada as well, and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.  Another successful Australian export.


What excited you most about your work?

Seeing the possibilities, trying new things.  I wasn’t from science and didn’t know where the boundaries lay, and the whole scene seemed full of opportunities.  We put up a speaker at the National Press Club in 1996, Ian Lowe. I only found out afterwards that he was the first scientist to have his NPC address televised nationally by ABC.  Since then there has been a steady troop of scientists and vice-chancellors using the NPC to reach national audiences.  On the international front, helping the PCST grow from its French-Spanish roots to become a truly international body which has held conferences in Brazil, India, Korea, Cape Town and Melbourne.  I was elected the first president in 2006.


I’m so encouraged when I walk into a conference or meeting in Australia, and barely know anyone.  Twenty five years it would have been so different, but now there are lots of new ideas, new approaches, new people involved.  Being a visiting fellow at the ANU’s CPAS is great: there’s a new idea every week.  And don’t we need them!  PCST has opened up a lot for me, international collaborations and approaches.  I’m just finishing editing a book on the Emergence of Modern Science Communication, an international study of 40 different countries and with 125 authors, and due to be launched in Aberdeen next year.


The book includes countries like Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Jamaica, Russia and Colombia, and opens up a cornucopia of ideas. It’s been a fabulous experience, and PCST made that possible.


Success in meeting challenges?

Showing scientists that they can deal successfully with the media.  Demonstrating through SmP that they do have a political role to play.  Devising excellent training courses and running them in 20 different countries.  Discovering that Australians can hold our heads high on the international communication stage. But what about the failures?  One is a constant battle to persuade managers that communication is important, not an after-thought to be tacked on at the end. A failure to get science and evidence a more important place in policy and decision-making processes.  How can any science communicator claim to be successful when we have Trump in the White House, Boris at Number 10, and a government of climate sceptics in Canberra?


ASC2020 Call for Papers

ASC2020 Call for Papers and Sessions

We are delighted to invite you to get your thinking caps on! Expressions of interest for inclusion in the ASC2020 conference program due 30 September 2019.

The theme for ASC2020 is “Priorities, Policies and Publics for human survival” with streams such as environmental and sustainability communication, impact communication, and more.

We are keen to see a wide and varied program for 2020. Here are some examples of possible approaches to the conference themes to get you started:


  • • What is the role of science communication in solving the ‘wicked problems’ we face (e.g climate change or mass extinctions)
  • • Where does science fit in the current media climate, fake news, etc.?


  • • Is science communication an effective tool for behaviour change?
  • • Communicating in large, multi-stakeholder projects
  • • Science communication for social, environmental, or health impacts


  • • Engaging audiences through new technologies
  • • Transforming relations between science research and communication practice
  • • Widening participation in scientific research with new and diverse audiences

Types of submissions we will accept for ASC2020 include:

  • • Professional Development workshops
  • • Production of sessions and social activities (session and social proposals)
  • • Individual or small group presentations (see suggested formats below)
  • • Research papers

Types of sessions you may be interested in submitting:

  • • Practice insights: speakers describe, demonstrate and/or evaluate specific science communication practices.
  • • Provocations: short talks where speakers present and explore a dilemma in science communication theory or practice.
  • • Work in progress: speakers present work in progress on research or practice, including ideas under development or that have yet to be implemented.
  • • Problems and Solutions clinic: producing a session to allow participants to workshop solutions to the thorny issues they’re facing.
  • • Demonstrations: presenting innovative science communication practices with a commentary on their application and effectiveness.
  • • Workshop: allowing participants to actively engage in exploring a project or concept in science communication.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with questions and/or to discuss your ideas for ASC2020. All submissions are due 30 September 2019 online (links at

We look forward to an incredible array of talent and good things for this Eleventh National Conference of the Australian Science Communicators.



Stephen Pincock; NSW ASC Committee Interview


  • Why did you choose to study science?

In the early years of high school, I developed a vague idea that I wanted to be “a medical researcher”. I loved the idea of working in a lab, helping find new treatments. On the other hand, I was also very keen on literature and writing, so my subject choices ended up being split evenly between sciences and humanities. I stuck to my guns at university and studied microbiology and immunology, although by the end of the undergraduate degree I realised that the ideas were much more interesting to me than the physical reality of working in a lab. So I quickly switched to science journalism — finding a way to be in the right place at the right time when a job at Today’s Life Science came up.    

  • Looking back now, what has been the best part of your career in SciComm?

I’ve really enjoyed the variety of opportunies I’ve had as a science journalist — from feature writing to banging out daily news. Some of my favourite years were those I spent as a science columnist for the Financial Times’ weekend magazine. My job each week was to write a 900-word column that would be interesting to the readers of the FT. I had complete liberty to select topics I thought were interesting, and took full opportunity to meet and interview all sorts of amazing people. As part of that job I interviewed Jane Goodall on two different occasions several years apart and found her to be utterly inspiring. 

  • Where has your career led you?

There are lots of ways to answer that question, but I’ll go for the literal interpretation! I started my career in a fairly modest office in Chippendale, at a time when we only had access to the internet on one machine in the office, then moved to London and New York for a decade or so, before returning to Sydney where I now work for Springer Nature. I now lead a team of people in 7 different countries and travel fairly often to Japan, China, Egypt, the UK and the US.  

  • What excites you most about your work?

I’ve done my fair share of speaking truth to power, and reporting things people wanted to keep secret, but at my heart the best thing about the job of being a science journalist is talking to really interesting people about the amazing things they’re discovering, and finding a way to articulate that wonder on the page/screen.

  • What advice do you have for anyone considering a career in SciComm?

I don’t have any big revelations, but my experience as a freelance journalist for about a decade was that it was much easier to make a living from news writing than feature writing. Features are hard to sell and slow to produce, while if you can get a good line into an organisation that needs science news then they’re always going to need more!