Join our Council: a rewarding experience with manageable commitment

As our Annual General Meeting (AGM) gets closer, we’re looking to embark on a transformative journey in how our ASC Council operates. By shifting from the three legacy roles (President, Treasurer, Secretary) to a more tailored model, each member will be able to focus more practically on supporting a range of outputs aligned with our strategic vision. We hope this will create opportunities for more impactful involvement. This change is not just a structural adjustment; it’s a step towards a more effective, rewarding and engaging volunteer experience.

Introducing a new, flexible structure

Our new Council structure aims to offer a range of diverse roles, each focusing on specific outputs and functions, alongside general committee members. These still have the regular responsibilities of a not-for-profit committee, but are now more tailored to lead the next phase for the ASC.

As normal, during the AGM the membership will elect a president or co-presidents. After this, the membership elects members to sit on Council (not into specific roles). After the AGM, the President/s will work with the elected Council Members to fill the following roles:

Vice President (Treasurer)

Vice President (Science Communication Policy)

Secretary (Events)

Secretary (Awards)

Secretary (International Engagement)

General Members

Branches also have an ex officio seat on Council – meaning one member from the Branch is invited to join to represent their Branch.

This approach aims to allow for a more personalised involvement, aligning with your skills, interests, and time availability. Please get in touch if you wish to find out more about any of these roles.

Understanding the commitment

Committing to a role on Council might seem daunting, but we want to reassure you that it’s a manageable and flexible commitment. Members are expected to attend four meetings throughout the year, and to respond to email in a reasonable time frame. Beyond this, the time you dedicate will depend on your role and personal capacity. We value your contribution, no matter the size, and aim to ensure that your experience is rewarding without being overwhelming.

If you’re unsure and want to chat further or hear more before saying ‘yes’, get in touch and we’ll chat it through with you.

Why consider joining?

If you’re hesitant about volunteering, here’s why you should give it a thought:

Tailored involvement: Choose a role that suits your interests and time availability. You’re in control of your involvement level.

Flexible time commitment: With flexible responsibilities and increased support of a refreshed secretariat, we hope you won’t feel overburdened.

Personal growth: Gain skills and experience in a supportive environment. It’s a chance to grow professionally and personally.

Have impact: This is an opportunity to have a significant impact on the future of the ASC as we finalise the strategic plan and start plotting what the next phase of the organisation will look like.

Getting Involved

If you’ve RSVP’d for the AGM already, check your email for details on how to edit your form. Remember, this is about finding the right fit for all of us. If you’re interested in a position but are concerned about the commitment, reach out to us for a chat. We’re here to work with you and find a balance that suits your schedule and comfort level.

Fill in the form via the link above to:

  • register to attend the AGM or appoint a proxy to attend in your place;
  • submit an agenda item to be discussed at the AGM; and
  • self-nominate to be an Executive Committee member.

Joining the ASC committee is an opportunity to be part of something impactful, with a commitment that respects your time and contributions. Whether you’re taking a small step or a giant leap, your involvement is valuable to us.

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