President’s update

Thank you to ASC President Joan Leach for the January update.

Happy 2015!

Though, from the volume of activity already going on in ASC circles, it very much feels as if the year is more than 1/12th underway. At the start of this year, ASC is forming a new executive as hardworking 2013/2014 executive volunteers take a […]

Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication 2014

The Australian Science Communicators
is proud to offer the
Unsung Hero Award of Australian Science Communication
The award will be announced in early 2015.
Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 20 February 2015.
ASC Unsung Hero Award 2014 Nomination Form – Entry
The Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication is an initiative of the Australian Science Communicators. The ASC offers this award […]

Nomination for ASC President 2015 – Associate Professor Joan Leach

I am pleased to announce there is one nomination for the position of National President of Australian Science Communicators for the upcoming AGM: Associate Professor Joan Leach.
Joan has been nominated by Will Grant and seconded by Ruth Neale.
Please see below for Joan’s nomination statement.
Click here for more information on the 2014 AGM.
– Sarah Lau, National […]

Mt Burnett Observatory Visit

Thank you to Kathleen Hayes for sharing her experience.
Recently I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Mt Burnett observatory, located conveniently close to Melbourne, and learn about astronomy through hands on experience!
The  big 18 inch telescope, originally built for the Monash University physics department in 1972 was unfortunately out of action but […]

President’s update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s update.
This month, I participated in a debate at the RiAus on genetic modification (sponsored by the Waite Research Institute at Uni Adelaide)—not whether we should be doing it or its dangers or potentials—but how we should carry out conversations about it in public. During the course of […]

ASC taking LinkedIn to the next level!

Thanks to Kali Madden for this information and for setting up the new members only LinkedIn discussion group!
Did you know that the Australian Science Communicators (ASC) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year?
As the Australian national industry body for all those who make science and technology accessible, many national and international science communication efforts have […]

Event review: CRCA conference—Innovative with Asia

Thank you to Adam Barclay for sharing his CRCA conference experiences with us!
The 2014 CRC* Association Conference was always going to be interesting, coming off the back of a federal budget that announced $80 million in cuts and the cancellation of the 17th selection round. A back-of-the-envelope estimate for the cost of bidding for a […]

Navigating the Animation Process (Part 2 of 5—Script Development)

From concept to screen, getting the best results.
by Adrian King (Animation/visual–fx producer, designer & artist)
Welcome back. If you missed the first stage (Initial Briefing) in this series you can read it here.
In this instalment we’ll have a look at stage 2. (Concept & Script Development). In stage 1, we defined the brief but not the […]

Best Australian Science Writing 2014

Thank you to Ashley Hay for letting us know all the details.
Submissions close March 31 – don’t miss out!
Submissions have been coming in for this year’s Best Australian Science Writing for the past couple of months now and there’s just over a month remaining for science communicators to submit their words for consideration. It’s a […]

ASC Unsung Hero 2013 Highly Commended – Dr Shane Huntington and Frankie Lee

The ASC offers the Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication to honour a person (or group of people) who exemplifies science communication.
The award is intended to recognise those whose contribution has been so significant over a period of time that they should by now have been recognised.
There was an exceptionally strong field of nominees this […]