Annual General Meeting 2023: Agenda

The Australian Science Communicators Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held virtually on Zoom NEXT WEDNESDAY, 29 November 2023 at 5PM AEDT | 4PM AEST | 4:30PM ACDT | 3:30PM ACST | 2PM AWST.

The AGM agenda is included below. The President’s Report and the Treasurer’s Report will be made available early next week.

Please fill in this form ( to register to attend the AGM or appoint a proxy to attend in your place.

Our AGM is a key event in our annual calendar where we meet with our membership to report on our progress in the last financial year. This is also an opportunity for our membership to voice their concerns or suggestions and become more involved by participating in the election for positions in the ASC Executive Committee.

Please contact if you have any questions.

We hope to see you there.

Date: 29 November 2023 Start time: 17:00pm AEDT


  1. Confirmation of members attending, apologies
  2. Notifications of proxies
  3. Minutes of 2021/2022 AGM
  4. Presidents’ report
    1. Presentation of report
  5. Treasurer’s report
    1. Presentation of statement of accounts
    2. Determination of annual membership fee 
    3. Determination of capitation to be returned to branches
    4. Determination of honoraria for 2023
    5. Determination of auditor for 2024
  6. Tabled Branch updates for noting
  7. Strategy briefing
    1. Strategic plan
    2. Easier branches
  8. Elections
    1. Governance procedure briefing
    2. Election of 2023 ASC President(s)
    3. Nomination, endorsement and appointment of up to 10 ASC Council Members (executive roles appointed by Council post AGM)
  9. Endorsement of Branches and nominal Branch Representative (each branch holds an ex officio seat on Council)
  10. Any other business
    1. Honorary memberships
    2. Jacqueline Stephens proposes for discussion:  Building a science communicator network: what’s working, what’s not, what new ideas do we have?
    3. Lucy Zhou proposes for discussion: International Communication with other countries. 

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