ASC Annual General Meeting Summary

Our 2023 Annual General Meeting was held recently on 29th November. There was a fantastic turnout of engaged members and it was a timely opportunity to re-connect and to provide many important updates on ASC activities, successes, opportunities and financial position. 

Here is a summary of the key messages that were discussed, with more detail found in the minutes

  • 2023 had been a year of action with notable mention of the National Conference, the PCST Bid to host, being invited as a voice in the policy space and participating in a panel hosted by the Learned Academies.
  • Membership fees are to increase on 30 Nov 2023:  
    • Standard membership = $216.14
    • Students and Associate membership = $86.56
    • Corporate membership = $649.89
    • Corporate linked individuals = $64.99
  • A new strategic plan was approved along with a draft model for ASC Branches.
  • Tom Carruthers and Jirana Craven were voted in again as co-presidents, with 12 members elected to join council (plus 3 branch representatives). You can meet these council members and their roles here.

Looking ahead: ASC will continue to focus on creating impact and meaningful value for members as well as a focus on improving operational efficiencies. 

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