Appointing a proxy for ASC AGM 2012

Proxy Instructions

Members unable to attend the AGM in person are able to give proxies to other members attending the meeting. As there are two matters of business that require specific instructions, it is important that members wishing to designate a proxy observe the following points:

  • Download and complete the proxy form, and ensure a copy of this form is with their proxy to take to the AGM
    • Check one box only in the Presidential vote
    • Check one box only for the proposed Constitutional amendment
    • If you do not provide voting instructions in these sections, you authorise the proxy holder to decide how the proxy will vote
    • Notify the National Secretary, Sarah Lau ( or National President, Jesse Shore ( of their proxy
    • Ensure that the proxy form is completed prior to 5.00pm AEDST on Tuesday 27 November 2012

Please note that the Presidential election is a secret ballot and instructions and votes will remain confidential at all times. All voting instructions and proxy forms will be collected and destroyed at the conclusion of the AGM.

Download the proxy form here: Appointment of Proxy.