The ASC Working Groups

We know that we can do things better – but what do we need to do first?

As the Executive Committee, we were elected by you to represent the membership in its decision-making. Over the past few months, we’ve initiated a process of reviewing the current situation that the ASC finds itself in, and to prioritise short, medium and long term activities that will make the ASC more resilient to external pressures, more valuable to its members, and more relevant within the sector.

There’s so much opportunity for us to grow the ASC into an even more vibrant community and an association that gives back to members.

To this end, we are in the process of standing up seven working groups to support the Executive Committee and the broader membership, in the hope of establishing some momentum into the future.

We know that the best ideas come from diversity. We ask that you consider supporting the community by contributing to these working groups over the coming months.

It is still early days, but we are seeking expressions of interest from the membership to support this work. Soon, we will have formalised terms of reference for these groups and role description/expectations. For now, please put your details into this form even if you don’t think you’ll have time to be a formal member of the working group, but have something that may be worth contributing to one or more of the groups.

The seven working groups are:

  • Strategy Group
    • To discuss the strategic priorities of the ASC, where the association should strive to be in 10 years, and to develop a forward looking and aspirational strategic plan.
  • Finance Group
    • To discuss financial issues and set a forward plan for stability, recommend income generation to fund projects and staff, and support other projects with the Treasurer.
  • Membership and Branch Group
    • To determine who the members are, why they become members, and how we can better provide value for their membership. In addition, this group will make recommendations on how to support local branches more effectively.
  • Communications Group
    • Building off the work from other groups, this team will seek to find ways we can better communicate with each other and the wider community.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Group
    • To discuss international and national engagement with other businesses and organisations, and to develop recommendations on key relationships to foster to best support our strategic goals.
  • Awards and Bursaries Group
    • Investigate the current awards and bursaries landscape in the sector, recommend a suite of supports, and recommend on sponsor opportunities for supporting the awards.
  • Events and Conference Group
    • To recommend and curate a series of nationally relevant and accessible events, and to contribute to conference coordination.