ASC SA event; Dilemmas of science reporting

Australian Science Communicators (ASC SA) Event

*The Dilemmas of Science Reporting*

*/Complexity, risk, and the dissident voice/**//*

*Panellists: **Clare Peddie, Rob Morrison, Susannah Elliot and Rod Irvine.***

*MC- Richard Musgrove,*

*Date: February 15,** 2010*

*Time: **6pm – 8pm*

*Venue:* *RiAUS, The Science Exchange*

*Cost: * ASCSA members: free* (see why & how to join below)

Non members: $10

Non member students: $5

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* Event Summary*

This is the second ASCSA event of the year and covers several critical areas of science communication.

Given the public (including policy makers) have the right to accurate information, how do scientists/science communicators break down and report complex results in digestible form, without missing vital information or getting the story wrong? Secondly, how does a scientist/communicator approach an interview or story which concerns risk, knowing that the public may use that information to inform lifestyle choices? Lastly, how we deal with dissident voice(s), particularly if the issue involves risk or, equally; how do you get your point across if you are the dissident voice??

Guidelines on Science and Health Communication prepared by the RiGB, The Royal Society and The Social Issues Research Centre are available on

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