Welcoming Our Executive Officers to the ASC

We are delighted to announce the appointment of two highly skilled Executive Officers (EOs) to the secretariat team. Emma and Kate bring with them a wealth of complementary experience, expertise, and a proven track record in the fields of science communication and outreach. Their diverse backgrounds and unique skills are already proving to be a massive support to the executive committee.

Meet Emma Berthold (left) and Kate Patterson (right) ASC’s Executive Officers.

Meet Emma: Science Communicator and Content Creator

Some may have already e-met Emma while she’s been helping the organisation this past year. 

Emma is a science writer, editor and digital content producer with more than a decade of experience across a variety of marketing and communications roles.

She previously worked with the Australian Academy of Science editing policy reports, writing news article content, and providing science communication expertise for a range of content types and campaigns. She also produced feature article content and managed social media for the ANU College of Science.

Now freelancing out of the scenic town of Port Macquarie, Emma offers a range of science writing, editing and communications services. Her academic credentials include a Master of Media Practice from the University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Science (Biological science) from UNSW Sydney and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from Macquarie University. 

Introducing Kate: Melding Creative Design and Scientific Rigour

Kate comes to us with over 15 years of experience in the sector and is a long time active ASC member, featuring a blend of strategic design, transdisciplinary research, and communication. Her work spans collaborations with not-for-profit medical research institutes, scientists, and medical professionals. 

Kate has an exceptional knack for utilising storytelling, 3D, and 2D animation to make complex scientific topics digestible for broad audiences. Her academic background is equally impressive. She holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Sydney University, a PhD in Molecular Biology from UNSW Sydney, and an MPhil in Media Arts, also from UNSW Sydney.

Kate’s focus on creative innovation and her commitment to promoting scientific literacy, along with her previous history and involvement with the ASC, make her a fantastic addition to the ASC family.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Emma and Kate on board. We’re excited to see how their unique skills and perspectives will contribute to our overarching goals. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to them as they help us embark on this new chapter of the Australian Science Communicators.

Here’s to new beginnings and to taking the ASC to unprecedented heights!

The ASC Team

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