Can We Teach Science with Fiction?

I’m a scientist. But over these past few years, I’ve discovered that I’m a writer, too. This side of myself surprised me, though it really shouldn’t have—if you’d asked me when I was 6 or 8 or 11 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’d have said “writer.” But then […]

Tend your backyard first

Thank you to Abbie Thomas for sharing her training experience.

I recently did a two-day course with the generous support of an ASC Professional Development Grant. The course on using Social Media was run by Tim Holt, a social media trainer from Melbourne whose runs the social media company Net101.
Over two days, Tim took us through […]

Lessons from bootcamp: Best practice digital media for science communicators

 Image thanks to Boemski on flickr
I came, I learned, I made a listicle
I’ve been to boot camps that hurt me. Yes, they hurt me a lot. Fortunately, my recent attendance at the Walkely Foundation Digital Media Bootcamp wasn’t in the same category. Rather than aching muscles, I came home with a renewed understanding of how […]

2014 Grants Program Report

In its foundation year, three grants were on offer worth a total of $1200, these included:

The ASC Grant for Professional Development (two grants $300 each)
The Peter Pockley Grant for Investigative Journalism (one grant $600) 

The grants program was officially announced on July 1, 2014 and promoted via the ASC website and email distribution lists, […]

President’s update

Thank you to Joan Leach for preparing this month’s President’s update.
Precaution or Proaction?
For this Scope update, I’m sitting at the airport in Brisbane with a latte looking ahead to a conference in the US on Social Epistemology (this is an academic way of referring to the study of how knowledge travels in social groups).  I […]

Media release: New grants program launched for communicating science far and wide

The new ASC Annual Professional Development Grants Program will provide members with an opportunity to gain support to undertake further professional development. There are three separate grants available for science communication and investigative journalism. Continue reading

Inspiring Australia update: Grant round announced – Inspired to communicate science in Tasmania?

Inspired to communicate science in Tasmania? Here’s your chance to make it happen.
Was your New Years’ resolution for 2013 to make things happen? Here’s an opportunity to take those great ideas and turn them into reality.
If you have considered running an event, workshop, lecture, or film night (or any other fantastic type of event) which […]

National Science Week 2013 grant round open

Please spread the news that the National Science Week 2013 grant round has just opened.
Inspiring Australia says that grants are available for between $2000 and $25 000. The round is for $500 000, though $50 000 of that has already been decided (because of the two three-year long grants awarded in 2012).
The  grant round will […]

Unlocking Australia’s Potential grants announced – congratulations to the recipients

This week Inspiring Australia announced the recipients of the Unlocking Australia’s Potential grants for science engagement activities. There has been a flurry of media releases from communicators and some of the 63 successful applicants about the winning proposals.
The $5 million in funding was distributed to all states and territories and I expect that many ASC […]

Grant Round Open for Inspiring Australia – Unlocking Australia’s Potential

The Federal Government’s Unlocking Australia’s Potential grants are about inspiring people with science.
$5 million is available across three categories for projects delivered over the next three years.
Projects will represent a national mix of activities involving a variety of audiences, geographic locations and scientific topics. The grants round aims to inspire a program that focuses on priorities such […]