The pseudoscientific merry-go-round takes another turn

Dr Rob Morrison writes:
The endless debates about climate change in the media could lead you to think that it is the only important issue on which science is trying to make some headway with a skeptical (if not antagonistic) public.
Not so. Try health or, more specifically, the various health “treatments” that are offered to a […]

Seeking videos for rejuvenated ASC YouTube channel

The ASC’s YouTube channel has been a quiet place the last 3 years. It contains a playlist of videos of portions of the Hot Air Symposiums held in 2009, but nothing since then. From late May we will start uploading the video interviews made during the ASC20102 conference, with the full set of interviews in […]

Bryson explains why he wrote A Short History of Nearly Everything – video

What possessed self-confessed “terrible science student” Bill Bryson to write a book about the science of everything?
All writing is “an instinct to share amazing information” he explains in this short film from the Wellcome Trust and “science is fundamentally amazing.”

Book Review: Genome Generation

By Daniella Goldberg, Gene Genie Media.
This year marks the tenth anniversary since the epic task of sequencing all three billion letters of the human genome. The Genome Generation by Dr Elizabeth Finkel, molecular biologist turned science journalist, reveals the impact of the genome revolution and how it affects everyone in some way, whether it’s predicting your genetic […]

The Guardian finds the conversation~woo hoo~and more re; scientists v journalists

I thought this was an interesting read. I didn’t, however, agree with the comment that articles on the Conversation are boring.  Anyway the thrust of this post is there appears to be an ongoing online debate about how science should be communicated by journalists and vice versa.  In many of these articles there are a […]

Is ‘big pharma’ really evil

According to two investigative journalists, Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche withheld vital data about the effectiveness of its swine flu drug Tamiflu from scientists.
Read the full story here:

Social media reaches elusive demographic

Interesting article in terms of using social media to reach a demographic and how to reach that elusive age group.

Shafer says embargoes stifle journalism

Jack Shafer: Looking forward to taking a mallet to embargoes, not only the arts embargoes but the science, think tank, government, and academic embargoes. To hell with all of them.
See live chat here

There’s more to science than ridiculing fools

An interesting article that raises the question, I think, of how well scientists understand media image or contextual analysis or cultural studies.

Social Media’s growing interest in Science: Aust. science followers top half a million

We all know how important social media is for any communications today. But what about science communications? It seems that social media interest in science is an exciting and growing area which all science communicators can tap into.
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[Press Release from Science Alert]:
Aust. science followers top half a million
Science […]