Shafer says embargoes stifle journalism

Jack Shafer: Looking forward to taking a mallet to embargoes, not only the arts embargoes but the science, think tank, government, and academic embargoes. To hell with all of them.
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Improve your writing skills

The media scene has changed, and so has the role of the media release. But what is the new role, and how can science make the best use of them?
ASC QLD’s first writing workshop for 2011 will teach you how to:

How to identify the most important and interesting thing in the story, the essential […]

Losing the plot with metaphors

Maybe you need to work in a factory to understand this one?

Are scientists selfish?

Popping into my inbox the other day was a review by the journal, Science Communication about a book Open Science. The authors are Julian Cribb and Tjempaka Sari (CSIRO publishing).
Another book from Julian Cribb, I thought, how wonderful. But Julian is no one hit wonder, so why was I surprised. The review […]

Science blogging – tips and tricks from some Adelaide science bloggers

Tonight (Monday 18 Jan) we’re hosting an ASC event at the Science Exchange, Adelaide on science blogging (
I asked some of our guest bloggers for some tips and tricks of the trade, and I’d like to make it available to all the ASC members. Big thanks to Sarah ( for putting this together…..
Blog it
If […]

Australasian Medical Writers Association annual conference

[ 27 August 2010 to 28 August 2010. ] The 27th Annual Australasian Medical Writers Association Conference, Writing in Our World will be held from 27–28 August in Melbourne at the State Library of Victoria.
Conference highlights include:
• Keynote and opening speaker: Victorian Governor Professor David de Kretser, endocrine researcher and founder of Andrology Australia.
• Sessions on: exploring the environment and our health, taboos, ethical issues in […]

Discovery Science Writers Series: 14 May, Prof Julian Cribb

[ 14 May 2010; 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. ] Author Professor Julian Cribb discusses the science behind his book ‘Open Science’. CSIRO Discovery presents a series that celebrates authors from the Canberra region who publish in the science arena. Continue reading

ASC SA event; Dilemmas of science reporting

Australian Science Communicators (ASC SA) Event
*The Dilemmas of Science Reporting*
*/Complexity, risk, and the dissident voice/**//*
*Panellists: **Clare Peddie, Rob Morrison, Susannah Elliot and Rod Irvine.***
*MC- Richard Musgrove,*
*Date: February 15,** 2010*
*Time: **6pm – 8pm*
*Venue:* *RiAUS, The Science Exchange*
*Cost: * ASCSA members: free* (see why & how to join below)
Non members: $10
Non member students: $5
*Bookings: *
* Event Summary*
This […]

Freelancing tips

The ASC National President offers freelancers some useful tips…and invites yours Continue reading