President’s update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update
Happy End, 2016!
2016 winds its wicked way to the end. Dickens to comes to mind: “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” The ‘best of times’ included the recent SCANZ conference in Dunedin.  Despite an earthquake (!), the conference went ahead with […]

The outcome of the 2016 ASC Grants Program

Now in its third year, we again had a number of high calibre applications submitted into our Grants Program. We only wish we could award everyone who applied and of course thank all those members who took the time to apply for the grants and internship on offer.
After a peer-review process, we are pleased to […]

Getting your science style right – there’s a new guide to help

Should it be ‘compare with’ or ‘compare to’? When do you use a pie graph? Is there a space between the number and the unit? Should it be ‘Earth’, or ‘the Earth’? Do you capitalise ‘government’?*
The answers to all these questions and more can now be found in the online Australian manual of scientific style […]

President’s Update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update.
I’m writing this on the plane as I return from a work trip around China and am reflecting on the extraordinary interest in science communication currently emerging there. What I found were University presidents and organisations across China who want to learn from Australia about science communication […]

ASC Victoria: Notice of AGM

The ASC-Vic is announcing their end of year dinner and AGM.

Where: Lincoln Hotel, 91 Cardigan St Carlton
When: November 23rd, 2016 at 6pm for the AGM and 6:30pm for the dinner
What: ASC will buy you a free beer/wine for coming out to the AGM

We have tables reserved for ASC members to dine together and have a good […]

ASC Reflection: Case Study: Nicholas J Johnson

As part of ASC Victoria’s ‘Case Study’ series, we organised a night on October 7th with ASC member Nicholas J Johnson. Nicholas is someone who combines science communication with magic, literally. His show, Deceptology, was part of the Melbourne Magic Festival earlier this year and he uses magic as a way to explore the psychology […]

President’s Update

Thank you to Joan Leach for the President’s Update.
Coonabarabran, NSW
I just had an amazing weekend at StarFest at Siding Spring Observatory in the Warrumbungles; inspiring to see the observatory at work after it was threatened by fire in 2013. They’ve added a renewed exhibition space and there was a lot of energy around the research. […]

Reflections on the art of parallel worlds

Because I’m the kind of vain person who thinks themselves capable of just waltzing into an art festival and setting up their own installation without any relevant qualifications or experience, let me begin by quoting myself: “Here’s a secret about making art: it’s actually really, really easy.”
That’s a line from my interactive, choose-your-own-adventure-style event, “A […]

Visual science communicators

A little while ago (read: 12 months) I put a call out for recommendations for visual science communicators – here’s who I found!
Sarah Abbott – Mountain Creek Media |
Biotext |
Design, publishing – four designers 
Mats Björklund – Magicpics |
Multimedia, animation, illustration
Samuel Chen – Walking Story |
Video, multimedia and more.
Lea Crosswell | 0409 255 691
Design, print
Levent […]

Science communication stars at the Eurekas

Thank you to Bianca Nogrady for this article.
It’s fitting that, at the so-called Oscars of Australian science, your entrée is described as a ‘gastronomical geode’ that must be excavated from a box of edible dirt.
Eureka winner Renae Sayers
As amusing as that was, it was but a minor moment in a night that delivered plenty of […]