Dr Belinda Liddell, (UNSW) Scope Interview

Dr Belinda Liddell is a psychologist who’s working to understand why some refugees recover from trauma and displacement more quickly than others. She is also looking at how different cultures perceive and respond to emotions, and how this might affect the experience of trauma and stress. 
Why did you choose to study science?
I chose to study […]

Tara Roberson, Queensland ASC branch President Scope Interview

Why did you choose to study science communication?
When I was still in high school, I was pretty convinced I was going to become an archaeologist or veterinarian. But, during grade 12 – in that pivotal year of university degree selection – I happened to take a communications course at the University of Queensland (UQ). I was completed […]

COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The now designated global pandemic of COVID-19 coronavirus is having unprecedented impacts across the world as authorities attempt to contain transmission and manage cases. At the time of writing this, Australia currently has 197 confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), including 3 deaths.  The Prime Minister announced yesterday that gatherings of more than 500 people should […]

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki ASC Scope Interview

Why did you choose to study science?
There was no real “choice”. It was all that was available at the Catholic High School I went. BUT, as it turned out, that turned out to be very fortunate. Physics and Maths gives most people an excellent “mental toolbox”, that prepares them for virtually any future career.
(Of course, […]

President’s Update, February

Our February edition comes to you a little later than usual thanks to the whirlwind of activity in staging our Eleventh National ASC Conference this last week in Monash, Melbourne.  For those who couldn’t join us, I thought I’d share some of my address to the conference below.
When we set the themes of the conference […]

Official notice of ASC Special General Meeting, 18 February 2020

This is the official notice of the Australian Science Communicators’ Special General Meeting, to be held in Melbourne during the ASC2020 Conference February 2020
When: Tuesday 18 February, 1.15pm
Where: Learning and Teaching Building, Monash Clayton Campus, Victoria.
RSVP: secretary@asc.asn.au
Only financial ASC members are eligible to attend the SGM. Please check you have renewed your membership community.asc.asn.au
Agenda items […]

Keynote presentations at ASC2020

The upcoming conference program is looking fantastic with a huge range of speakers sharing experience and expertise across health, environment, media, research, creativity, behaviour change, gender equity and more.  We are very pleased to announce and highlight some of our keynote sessions for ASC2020 below.

Monday opening plenary – Can we save our grandchildren? Inspiring change […]

Rachael Vorwerk ASC Science Communicator Scope Interview

Why did you choose to study science?
Growing up in sunny Mildura played in a big part in my love of nature and the outdoors. We’d kayak, bike ride and swim in the summer and we’d go away every year to the Great Ocean Road. My Mum was a primary school teacher and she would often […]

The Big Science Communication Challenges: Alison Leigh

This post is part of a series which asked past presidents of ASC: What are the biggest science communication challenges Australia faces right now and over the next decade?
Response from Alison Leigh
When I was ASC president 25 years ago , my day job was running Quantum,  ABC TV “s iconic science program, so my perspective […]

President’s Update, January

Frequently ASC-ed questions
Most ASC activities happen at the state level through our branches.  So as we start 2020 and planning ahead, based on feedback from state branch organisers we’ve put together a handy short guide with answers to some basic questions that help make branches run, like:

How do we get funding?
How do you run an […]