The Missing Link for STEMM Diversity

Building bridges and dissolving boundaries in STEMM
– Dr Astha Singh and Akanksha Tiwary
With a quarter of its population born overseas, Australia is culturally and linguistically diverse. Inclusion and diversity are core of the identity and spirit of Australian society and its contemporary culture. However, this social diversity is not reflected in the composition of the […]

Best Science Apps for iPhone/iPad:

Thanks to Joe Hanson for posting his best science apps for iphone / ipod – for the science and technology obsessed – enjoy!
Best Science Apps for iPhone/iPad:
–       NASA has a great free educational app where you can track spacecraft and learn about projects.
–       GoSkyWatch, which is inexplicably free for the iPad only version (and a very underpriced $3.99 for iPhone/iPad compatible […]

Outreach where they least expect it – Guerilla Astronomers

Thanks to Kirsten Gottschalk from ICRAR for contributing this post:
I have a confession – I love astronomy. Something about it has fascinated me ever since I can remember. Understandably then, it’s something I am very passionate about. This is why I was quite taken aback when I heard “People aren’t interested in looking through telescopes […]

NSW Branch AGM and Reel Science Communication by Derek Muller

[ 26 March 2012; 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. ] [caption id="attachment_3459" align="alignnone" width="440" caption="Derek Muller"][/caption]

It’s that time of year again… time for the annual NSW AGM.

This year we are fortunate enough to hear from the very engaging Derek Muller before getting down to the business end of things.

Derek brings a unique view on the how much the public really know about science. Backed by […]

Garrett and Heath on sustainability

Queensland’s Chief Scientist Dr Geoff Garrett and Queensland Solar City community engagement manager Julie Heath will be joining us for drinks at this September’s get-together. The Theme of the night will be Sustainability in Queensland – Science and the Environment.
Dr Garrett was appointed Queensland Chief Scientist from January 2011, after 8 years as Chief Executive […]

Call for Applications to Attend or Sponsor Attendees to Youth ANZAAS 2011

[ 10 July 2011 to 15 July 2011. ] Anyone with links into high schools or direct to senior science students may be interested in promoting this, and if there are bodies out there keen to throw a small amount of dollars toward student scholarships or event funding please let us know.

Applications for Youth ANZAAS 2011: Brisbane are open to science students in grades […]

ASC-WA goes wild at Perth Zoo

On Friday 15 October, ASC-WA members were treated to an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ event at Perth Zoo. Continue reading

Big Blog Theory finalists and the winner is…

Congratulations to the winners of the ‘big blogs’ and microblogs Continue reading

‘Why is it so?’

Is evaluation to science communication as peer review is to science? Continue reading

What counts in science communication?

Rob Morrison poses a serious question to the ASC membership and invites your comment Continue reading